Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lucas: Six Months!

There are just so many things I adore about newborn photography. Getting to snuggle and pose those brand new creatures, capturing that newborn innocence and sweet, precious moments between the babies and their parents . . . I could go on for a long time you guys. But, alas, this post isn't about newborns. 

Lucas' newborn shoot in January

Instead, we're gonna jump ahead a few months. Cause the flip side of newborns is how unbelievably fast they grow! And I loooove to see the all of the changes that happen that first year of life. My husband can attest--I'm the all-reining queen of the "Who Does This Baby Look Like? Game." It fascinates me how babies can change so much from looking like one parent or side of the family to the other, and then back again. I swear, my college roommate's daughter switched from the spitting image of her dad to her mom's identical twin overnight. How. Does. This. Happen?!?!? I can't be the only one amazed by this, right? Please say you play this game, too. At least so Matt will think I'm a little less crazy. 

So anyway, it's just perfect that my job is to stare at these babies' faces for hours while I edit, quietly contemplating to myself whether those eyes and dimples are mom's or dad's. Handsome Mr. Lucas here was no different! Those eyes--totally mom's, in case you were wondering. 

Three month-old Lucas! 

Jumping ahead a few more months, I recently met Lucas and his parents for a morning session at Fortville's Memorial Park for his six-month(!!!) shoot. There is something magical that happens when babies hit the milestones of sitting up and standing with help, usually right around that sixth month. Eyes brighten, smiles get a little bigger, and you can really see little personalities developing!  Lucas was the perfect example--this little man just lit up for the camera this time around, which you can see below! And feel free to comment, leaving your "he looks like mom/that's dad's smile" votes, too!

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