Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kaylee & Ben | E-session | Indy Engagements

Ever since Deann and I started working together, we've been itching to put together a behind-the-scenes video of an engagement session. When my fun, ADORABLE, hair stylist-slash-neighbor got engaged over Christmas, I KNEW she and her man would be the perfect couple for this little project. Did we mention how adorable these two are? 

Cause they are! 

Just look at them. I mean.

If you can't tell, the day was, ummm, a bit rainy. We'd put the date on the calendar for the shoot, and we were NOT about to cancel our project on account of a little bit of rain, few storms! So we just moved the session time up a bit to beat the heavy rain, grabbed a big ole umbrella (and maybe even a dorky poncho for me and my camera!), and it was GAME ON!

And we made magic anyway. Even with the freezing rain and puddles everywhere.

So this last one was a revenge shot because Deann took a TERRIBLE picture of me with my stylish poncho on (no, that one is not making it into the blog). BUT, it turned into a pretty cool behind-the-scenes shot that allows me to introduce (drum roll, please)... our very first Lantern Tree video! (With HUGE thanks to Kaylee, Ben, and Focus Right Productions!

Here it is, in all it's rainy, magical glory! Click the photo below to check it out and watch some of the fun that happens during our engagement sessions!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Bridal Photo Shoot | Robbie & Mieke

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Oh, Mieke and Robbie.

All the heart emojis in the world couldn't begin to cover my love for the two of you.

You guys, these newlyweds showed up in front of my lens with an amazing, classically beautiful look (shout out to the glam squad!) and the remarkable ability to strike stunning poses with absolutely no direction from me ("Ohmygosh, just. DON'T. MOVE. You're perfect right where you are!"--Me, all afternoon). From here on out, we'll just refer to the Binders as the dream team, sound good?

So the Dream Team and I took our own little tour inside the gorgeous Indiana State Museum, until we ventured outside for a bit and wound up locked out of the building! Luckily, we were rescued just in time as some serious rain started in over our heads! 

Another stroke of Dream Team awesomeness happened about a month later when Mieke & Robbie showed up for our vintage photo shoot in Ohio--more on that to come soon! But for now, enjoy this glimpse at these two in all of their adorable bridal shoot glory. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Melanie | Indy Bridal Shoot #3

You guys. Let us just say first that Melanie was a DREAM to work with for our bridal shoot! She was so excited to get another use out of her gorgeous wedding gown and jewelry, and WE were excited to get her in front of our cameras! The Glam Squad did an amazing job with her makeup and hair (UM, we were SO jealous of those lashes, and can you blame us?!?). She was so natural in front of the camera, and we loved having her classic look as a part of our bridal shoot day. Her images were taken in and around the fabulous Indiana State Museum, and we are beyond smitten with ALL of them!

We were also able to pair her with Kiefer (yup, TOTALLY not her husband!) for some fun couple shots! They were such good sports!

Thank you for participating, Melanie! You were an awesome model and are such a lovely person, inside and out!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Candice | Indy Bridal Shoot

What can you say about Candice? She joined our shoot as one of our hairstylists but was open to modeling. Um, yes please. We LOVED her look and couldn’t wait to get her in front of our lenses! She didn’t have a wedding gown yet (she was engaged to be married at the time, and her gown wasn’t in yet), so she improvised and brought some adorable casual bridal looks. Her tattoos, her vintage look perfected by our Glam Squad, and her natural beauty combined to make her such an awesome participant in our bridal shoot.

The first location we had with her was in Greenfield near this awesome vintage truck. We were ecstatic about how these turned out.

Later, we traveled to Indy where Candice switched to her second look (in a fantastic conference room courtesy of the wonderful Indiana State Museum). We then took her out to shoot near Georgia Street for some more urban settings.

Thank you SO much to Candice for coming from Ohio to spend her entire day with us. You were such a natural and gave us some amazing images!